Measured Pourer Clear


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Category : Pourers
Color       : Clear
Size          : 60ml

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Measured Pourer Clear

BP No.: BP266C
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Measured Pourer 60ml Plastic With Smooth Accurate Pouring Action. Use Our Measured Pourer For Mixing Drinks And Pouring Out Accurate Measurements.  Construction: Plastic Collar: With Capacity: 60ml.

  • Allows you to control inventory
  • Pour perfectly measured cocktails
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Any to use for novice or professional bartender
  • 2 Ball Pouring System


    • Soak pourer in warm water for 10 minutes before use, then rinse with cold water
    • Wet cork before installing into bottle by pushing straight in. Twist and pull to remove.
    • Pourer should be washed weekly, or daily for heavy liquids

Note: Due mainly to viscosity differences in liquors, no measured pourer provides exact measurements. They are a tremendously reliable way to reduce over-pours and provide the consistency important to both bar owners and patrons.


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