Liquor Optic Measure



Category                : Pourers
Capacity                : 3.5cl (35ml)
Color                      : Black, Clear

Product Features:

  • Classic pub spirit measure
  •  Pours an exact measure
  • Ribbed rubber cork to fit 70cl, 1ltr, 1.5ltr & 1 gallon bottles
  • Replacement ribbed rubber corks available
  • 3.5cl Conical Optic Spirit Measure. (30ml)
  • CE Marked for legal spirit dispense.
  • Traditional Conical Spirit Measure.
  • Reliable non-drip mechanism.
  • Smooth dispense action.
  • Spare corks available separately.


  • Height: 160mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Depth: 86mm
  • Weight: 86g

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Product: Liquor Optic Measure

BP No.: BP269

Category : Products >  Pourer

Capacity : 3.5cl > 35ml

The Liquor Optic Measure 3.5cl is a clear, durable plastic measuring cup that is perfect for measuring out precise amounts of liquor. The measure has a graduated scale on the side that makes it easy to measure out the desired amount, and the wide base prevents it from tipping over. The measure is also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


  • Clear, durable plastic
  • Graduated scale on the side
  • Wide base for stability


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate measurements
  • Spill-proof
  • Easy to clean


  • Perfect for measuring out precise amounts of liquor
  • Best fit with Optic Bracket
  • Can also be used for measuring other liquids, such as water, juice, and soda


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Order your  Liquor Optic Measure 3.5cl today and start enjoying the benefits of precise measurements!

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