Cap-On Liquor Pourer



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Category               : Pourer
Item Weight : 0.64 ounces
Color                     : Clear

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Cap-On Liquor Pourer

BP No.: BP387

Designed to accommodate the precision pour of your favorite top shelf liquors, and still store them with the “cap on”.

Simply open your new favorite liquor bottle, insert the Cap-On® pour spout, pour your cocktail as if you had the most professional pour speed and accuracy, and put the cap back on! This pourer is leveled off in order to allow the cap to be screwed back on as if it were never there. The best part is, that at a price like this, these pour spouts are disposable. When you are done with your bottle, the pourer gets trashed as well.

We all know that liquor starts to evaporate after a certain amount of time. That is why we like to keep the caps on our expensive top shelve bottles. Enjoy the benefit of having the cap-on preventing evaporation, fruit flies and overall cleanliness and still have the precision pour of a professional pour spout.

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