Vacu Vin Bottle Bag


Dimensions (wxdxh): 110 x 110 x 500 kg / 4.33 x 4.33 x 19.69 Inch
Weight: 0,39 kg / 0.86 lbs
Material(s): Textile, Foam

  • Turns every wine bottle into a gift
  • Perfect for bringing wine to picnics or barbecues
  • Pocket for carrying wine accessories
  • Active Cooler chills drinks in 5 minutes
  • Keeps drinks cool for hours
  • Store Active Cooler in the freezer
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Vacu Vin Bottle Bag

BP No.: BP880
Brand : Vacu Vin
Category : VacuVin

The Bottle Bag & Cooler is an elegant way to carry wine with you to a barbecue, picnic or any other ‘bring your own’ occasions. The elegant design makes it a great gift! The Bottle Bag & Cooler includes a removable cooling element, which when inserted into the bag will chill your wine while on the go, or keep it cold as it is being enjoyed.




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