Vacu Vin Wine Tasting Gift Set



The set includes

  • 1 x wine aerator
  • 2 x wine pourer;
  • 8 x glass markers wine seal;
  • 1 x wine thermometer

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Vacu Vin Wine Tasting Gift Set

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The set includes: 1 x wine aerator, 2 x wine pourer; 8 x glass markers wine seal; 1 x wine thermometer

Vacu Vin Wine Tasting Gift Set box contains: 1 x Wine Aerator, 1 x Snap Thermometer, 2 x Crystal Wine Servers/Pouring Spouts and 8 x Glass Markers (Grapes Design). All devices within the box are highly robust and are designed to tolerate regular and prolonged usage. The Crystal Wine Servers/Pouring Spouts and Glass Markers are dishwasher safe. The Wine Aerator and Snap Thermometer can be easily cleaned with warm water and conventional detergents (if necessary). The set is attractively packaged and is an ideal gift/present for the wine enthusiast.


The Vacu Vin Wine Aerator boasts an innovative design that slows the flow of wine from the bottle to the glass, allowing it to take up more oxygen from the environment – a process that results in an enriched flavour. The top of the aerator is transparent, thus allowing the user to observe the process, as well as enabling the detection of unwanted sediments that can be subsequently removed. The aerator can be stored around the neck of the wine bottle when not being used.

Wine should always be served at a temperature that compliments its unique bouquet and flavour profile. The optimal temperature varies for different types of wine and is dependent upon factors including the grape variety that is used and the region from which the drink originates. The Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer allows users to easily establish the temperature (in Celsius) of wine without opening the bottle. The flexible band is simply ‘snapped’ onto the outside of the bottle; it then displays the temperature in colour on a black screen at the front of the device. The Snap Thermometer is designed so that it will locate onto any wine bottle, irrespective of its size and shape. The appliance features an index of suggested serving temperatures for a variety of popular wines (Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon etc).

The Vacu Vin Wine Server Crystal enables consistent, non-drip, mess-free pouring from almost every cork and screw-top wine bottle. A rubberised band around the bottom of each server ensures that the item remains in place once it has been inserted. The double-flared lip at the top of the server prevents the occurrence of drips.

The Vacu Vin Glass Markers Classic Grapes are a set of 8 decorations that provide an entertaining means of identifying wine and other glasses, particularly during parties and barbecues. Once attached to a glass via suction cups on their rear side that allow them to stick to any smooth surface, they are easily distinguishable due to their unique colour. They are constructed from food-approved silicone. The Glass Markers Classic Grapes are an offshoot of the award-winning original Vacu Vin Glass Markers collection.

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