Champagne Preservation Tower Le Verre De Vin




– Brand: Le Verre De Vin
– 21 days preservation
– Resealing time: 1 – 5 seconds
– Capacity: any number of opened bottles but no more than 15 re-seals in any 5 minute period
– Power Supply: 24V DC
– Power Consumption: 30W (max)
– Supply via safe 24V Power adaptor
– Dimensions (DxWxH): 135mmx120mmx510mm


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Champagne Preservation Tower Le Verre De Vin

BP No.: BC05C
Brand: Le Verre De Vin
Category: Preservation Systems

More About Champagne Preservation Tower Le Verre De Vin

Sparkling & Champagne

Precision pressurization of the bottle with CO2 prevents the natural fizz in the bubbly from being released. The pressure equilibrium created locks in the natural fizz and also any issue of oxidation is also eliminated.

21 days preservation

You would not cut open an apple or pour a glass of milk, then leave it on the side to enjoy a few days later. So why would you do it with wine? With a Le Verre De Vin preservation system you can pour a fresh glass of still / fortified wine or Champagne for up to 21 days from first opening the bottle.

Small footprint, big impact

We listened to our customers and developed our preservation models to take up the smallest amount of back bar space possible. We have designed the system to have the smallest footprint possible, whilst delivering the best preservation technology.

From ‘0 to sealed’ in supercar speed

Don’t let your team waste time with cumbersome or slow preservation devices. Save huge amounts of time and money with our supercar fast preservation system. ePreserve technology can preserve any bottle of wine or Champagne in 1-5 seconds.

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