2 Doors Saladette with Stainless Steel



Brand: RIO OEM : DGD
Model: SL02EKO
Power: 280W, Net Weight: 60 ,Capacity: 350 litres
Power Supply: 230/1, 50Hz
Inside & outside made of stainless steel except for
external bottom made of Galvanized steel.
Internal round corner
Insulation thickness: 40mm
Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket
Static cooling with air shaker
Tropicalized & extractable condensing unit
(ambient temperature: 43ºC)
Completely automatic defrosting & condense
water eveporation.
Dimension: w900xd700xh880mm
Made in ITALY

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2 Doors Saladette with Stainless Steel

BP No.: BP20977
Category: Refrigerator and Freezer


Power Refrigerant Weight Dimensions
230/1, 50Hz, 280W R404A/R507 60kg D: 700 mm
W: 900 mm
H: 880 mm

More About 2 Doors Saladette with Stainless Steel

Inside and outside made of Stainless Steel, except for the external bottom made of Galvanized Steel. Internal rounded corners. Insulation in CFC free polyurethane high pressure injected. Insulation thickness: 40 mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic gaskets.

Electronic front control panel with NTC probe. Static cooling with air shaker. Tropicalized and extractable condensing unit (ambient temperature +43°C and relative humidity of 65%) with gas R404A/R507. Completely automatic defrosting and condense water evaporation. Easy opening engine compartment for inspection and cleaning of the condenser .

Adjustable plastic feet (80/10 H mm). Personalization options available. Standard set up: 1 Rilsan shelf GN 1/1 and 2 Stainless Steel Runners “L” for each door.


– Stainless steel interior and exterior, with the exception of the external base in galvanised steel
– Rounded internal angles
– High-pressure injected polyurethane, without the use of dangerous CFCs
– Insulation thickness: 40 mm
– Self-closing doors with magnetic gasket
– Front electronic control panel with NTC thermistor
– Static refrigeration with air shaker
– Standard removable tropicalised refrigeration unit (+40° room temperature and 60% relative humidity)
– Automatic defrosting and condensate evaporation
– The motor compartment can be opened to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the condenser
– Height-adjustable plastic feet (80-10 H mm)



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