White Chopping Board



Specification :
Category               : Essential
Brand                    : BarPros
Material                : Plastic
Color                     : White
Dishwasher Safe : Yes
Dimension           : 30 x 20cm

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White Chopping Board

BP No.: BP73

Category : Product > Essential

Brand : BarPros


  • Color coded white for hygienic food preparation
  • Suited to general use as well as with dairy
  • Dishwasher safe

Dimensions : 30cm (w) x 20cm (h)

Perfect for preparing food hygienically, this white Dairy Chopping Board is part of a collection of multi-colored chopping boards.

Ideal for preparing dairy, this chopping board is color coded to ensure food is sliced as cleanly as possible. A minimalist design that would lend a refined touch to any kitchen decor, this polyethylene chopping board is an essential addition to any kitchen.

Ideal for slicing bread and preparing dairy produce but equally suited to general use.

Care instructions: This chopping board is dishwasher safe.

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