Half Yard Beer Glass with Wood Stand




Material: Glass, Wood
Category: Novelty


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Category: Novelty

This Half Yard of Ale glass offers you a stylish opportunity to indulge in 28.7 ounces of thirst-quenching awesomeness. This style of glass most likely originated in 17th century England, where it was was known also as a “Long Glass” or “Cambridge Yard (Glass)”.

Made from clear glass and paired with an oak wood stand to keep it standing upright, this half yard beer glass has never met a thirst it can’t refresh.

This specialty beer glass was designed with a long shaft and shaped with a bulb at the bottom for smooth drinking. Despite its large size, this beer glass is still easy to hold and drink from. The flared mouthpiece make it easy to drink or pour from.

The Half Yard of Ale makes a great gift for beer lovers and connoisseurs of craft beers. It’s also a great piece of glassware for bars and restaurants to offer as a premium item to their customers. Drinking a yard glass full of beer as quickly as possible is a traditional pub game in the UK.

  • Made of clear glass with an oak wood stand
  • Designed with a long shaft and shaped with a bulb at the bottom for smooth drinking
  • Capacity: 28.7 oz (850 ml)
  • Dimensions 4.4″W x 7.5″D x 15.3″H
  • Flared mouthpiece for quick pours
  • The oak stand helps to keep the glass standing safely and securely upright when not in use
  • Hand wash only
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