Belgian Luxury Coffee Maker Siphon



Package included:
Balance Siphon brewer
measuring spoon
measuring jug
filter cloth and spare silicon seals

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Belgian Luxury Coffee Maker Siphon

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How to use: Click here to see the video

  • The coffee you get from this art piece is best described as clean, with great purity of flavor, aroma and no bitterness. So, chose your bean wisely. Balancing Belgian Luxury Coffee Maker Siphon is perfect for 3-5 cups of joe. (500ml- about 17oz.)
  • After preparation for brew. Fire up the spirit burner, sit back and be amazes by this contraption as it works its magic ‘automatically’ to brew your flavorful cup.
  • This 19th century contraption never fails to impress by it design and the darn good if not perfect coffee its can brew.
  • Own a beautiful Gold colored body with well lacquered dark wooden base added some sophistication. It fits well in your kitchen. However, we strongly believe that it suits your living hall better.
  • Package included; Balance Siphon brewer, measuring spoon and measuring jug, filter cloth and spare silicon seals. It makes a perfect gift for yourself and for those whose love coffee around you.
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