1 Liter Oak Barrel




Category: Barrels
Material: Oak Wood
Capacity: 1 Liter

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1 Liter Oak Barrel

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Category: Barrels

These barrels are perfect for home use, or commercial applications. The heavy duty oak wood is charred on the inside to perfection, slowly releasing the woods natural flavors and aromas into your beverage of choice, whether it be Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Wine, other spirits or even non-alcoholic such as seltzers and sodas. Put a smile on your face every time you see the craftsmanship and monogrammed lettering on your barrel.

More About 1 Liter Oak Barrel

  • 1 Liter or .26 Gallon Barrel
  • Varnished Exterior – Medium Charred Interior.
  • Perfect to age your own spirits, whiskey, beer, rum, tequila…or as Home Decoration.
  • Material: The barrel is made of high quality oak, suitable for storing whiskey, wine or other noble drops. Filling bucket with stopper and wooden base and dispensing device.
  • Good sealing and usability: All wooden wine oak barrels are pressure tested to detect leaks. Put down the faucet, place the barrel on the table with the side of the mouth facing up, slowly pour the beverage out of the faucet connector, then tighten the faucet
  • Function: The solid wood whiskey barrel is small and exquisite enough to fit into most home decoration themes, and comes with a matching unfinished wooden shelf. Display it in the kitchen to emphasize a rustic bar theme, or use it in the minibar to complement your drink.
  • In order to store or make a wide range of wines, use barrel plugs to seal the barrels and place them in a cold, humid place and avoid direct sunlight. The best way is to store the barrels in the wine cellar, keeping the temperature at 10 to 13 degrees Celsius, and the humidity in the wine cellar is usually maintained at about 75%.
  • Multi-scenario use: household / aged / bar / restaurant / vineyard / cellar
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