Stacking Soho Diamond Old Fashioned


Specification :
Category               : Glassware
Capacity               : 25cl
Material               : Crystal glass
Weight                  : 293 g
Dimensions         : 8.8 x 8.8 x 10 cm
Dishwasher Safe : Yes
Color                     : Clear
Use                        : Cocktail, Short Drink, Soft Drinks
Width                    : 88mm
Height                   : 100mm

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This Soho Diamond Old Fashioned 27cl/9.5oz . Specially picked for quality and design. The Soho Diamond design is cut into the lower half of the glass to accentuate the contents. The glass is also stackable for when shelf space is at a premium. The old fashioned glass is perfect for spirits on the rocks or smaller cocktails.


Additional information

Weight 9.5 g


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