Champagne Saver White



Specifications :

Category: Champagne Saver
Material: Plastic, Rubber, Die Cast
Dimentions: 8.13 x 10.16 x 4.83 cm
Color: White
Style: Bottle stopper

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Champagne Saver white

BP No.: BP115B

Category :  Wine & Champagne stopper / Vacu Vin

The Champagne Saver is designed to keep the champagne sparkly and minimize oxidation. Once locked onto the bottle, the handle opens to allow perfect, non-drip pouring and closes to keep the champagne fresh.

  • Preserves taste and bubbles
  • Preserves your champagne after opening
  • Pours champagne without dripping
  • Fits on most champagne bottles

Non drip serving, patented pull down bottle grip, slows down oxidation process

Additional Information

Weight 63.78 g
Dimensions 8.13 × 10.16 × 4.83 cm
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